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[icon] this plane is definately crashing
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Current Music:death cab for cutie. president of what
Subject:i have a big mohawk and its pink.
Time:09:47 pm
Current Mood:contemplativei wish i had a cigg

so which flyer should be posted everywhere. i made them both. but which one.

im bored. davey and tom are coming to rescue me.


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Subject:hey fucker.
Time:04:54 pm
yeah so everythings wierd. i had to cover for omar being late for the second time today. i payed 9 bucks in quarters this morning i felt ghetto but the girl was cute and she counted it all. at subway i told my boss im leaving and she said to stay just two weeks. so yeah im moving out of my house. Gnarly Arley is gonna be my new brother. were gonna fight over the computer and the hair straightner all the time. i think im just gonna come back and pretend that someone broke in and stole the computer. im gonna be down here every weekend anyways. hmm. inotice some people are talking shit if its you keep it up i like the attention.
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Current Music:faint
Subject:if you knew what i was thinking
Time:07:58 am
Current Mood:coldcold

Your Brain is 60.00% Female, 40.00% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female

You are both sensitive and savvy

Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed

But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

fuck i feel so shitty right now. but yesterday was rad. i drove me and carl to pico to visit eileen. it was kinda raining and i had to press the breaks hard cos traffic stopped suddenly. we seriously skid but i had to hold the breaks down and not let go so i wouldnt hit the other car. we swerved left hard. almost hit the wall but didnt. before that carl was like "here you cant chugg this" and then was handing me another can of sparks saying "dont crash man" but i didnt drink it im glad i didnt i wouldve probably hit a car. we got to pico and picked up eileen and angie. went to the cheap movie theater where they show old movies that are almost on dvd. i was buzzing it and tired and i just passed out on eileen. i even drooled in my sleep. angie left with my keys. carl was mad. we got them back and he drove home. i have one fourth of a tank of gas and no money till friday hahah oh shit. this morning i woke up all dizzy and early. my head hurts so bad and im starving but i dont have an apetite for anything but its lame to complain when i like being in an alternate state of mind. this has its ups and downs.
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Current Music:modest mouse- bukowski
Subject:and i really got to get somewhere
Time:01:36 pm
Current Mood:coldhace frio
yesterday was fuckin bad, me and al woke up from the previous night of partying and we just decided to go to hometown buffet, i felt like an alien cos everyone sick looked at me all offended but fuck it. friend chicken is booty, we went to al's then to jennys damn at jennys i felt like a bum in macys i wanted some sooo bad but knew later on i wouldnt be able to handle it. so i didnt. me and al had nice convos all the way to the gig. we chilled and got in free. i drank my forty. did something. eileen showed up and we hung out a little but by the time we walked back from looking for ciggs in the car the party was raided. we left and ate jack in the box. i puked it all up. got faded nasty with jenny's friends. omar was acting duumb hahah faggot pretending to have a seizure. we left and al decided to go home. i slept good. i think i might go to pico today.
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Current Music:im thinking of arab on radar
Subject:awake. awake. awake.
Time:12:31 pm
Current Mood:blahcrudo
have you ever had the feeling that you have something under your skin and it wants to crawl out. i feel it right now. yesterday was:
got faded
got drunk
hung out with banana rama nina<3
got shit talked to
talked shit
laughed a lot
saw a lot of friends
passed out at omars
realized i was supposed to go home
got home at 430 am
called my mom cos i didnt have my keys
me and al passed out in my room
that fucker is still sleeping
today were playing
tom is coming
feel good
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Current Music:holy molar
Subject:come on everybody lets just rock!!!
Time:11:31 am
Current Mood:awake

yayuh.. i needed to cheer up before i head off to work.. someone gimme a ride to the art show por favor.. mm axrxm is supposably playing this weekend but i havent seen the flyer so i dunno im scared and shit, arley has 65 credits what a jotita he's been studying my weener too much and his books not enough

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Current Music:ultimate warriors
Subject:Thrashxitxup: tell her ill suck her dick for myspace comments
Time:09:49 pm
Current Mood:weirdduh bitch

for my livejournal hater<333

anyways today i spent like a hundred and something bucks on what: ciggs, shades, hairwax, clothes.. so like me tommorow i wanna go to hit me back but i dont have a ride, i only have twenty four bucks to last me till next friday but thats plenty i guess, al hooked it up with a fat blunt to take home and im feeling it right now, it feels good

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Current Music:the faint- dropkick the punks
Time:10:54 am
Current Mood:coldcold

yayuh so yesterday was fuckin booty cos i just worked and chatted online. talked shit over with gnarly arley which im glad happened. today i get out at five and im gonna go shopping in the mall and its almost the weekend again hell yeah.

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Current Music:scholastic deth book attack
Time:10:30 am
Current Mood:contentcontent

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

yesterday i went and picked up omar from bhs, i saw alexis and then drea.. mm it feels akward, i wish it didnt, then me and omar went and cashed my check and then i went to his house so he could get his shit, we got on the freeway and it was soooo packed we got off on the street and this car almost hit us and then we got to work late, we fucked around a lot at first just sat around eating our lunch and we found a sandwhich that no one picked up and we ate it too, then we started working, we didnt get all the shit down so we left late, picked up jenny, went to diamond bar, hung out briefly with nina, came back, me and omar realized that arm changed our life a lot, like he'd never met jenny, id probably be wearing hemp shoes and protesting something with x's on my hand


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Current Music:modest mouse
Subject:"damn like zombies huh"
Time:01:26 pm
Current Mood:calmcalm

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

my weekend as a blender of emotions,  thursday night as a group of teenagers who snuck out of their houses we went all the way to las vegas and got there at three am, i half expected streets full of people drunk off the cities bright lights or the expensive vice but nah that shit was booty it was like three people standing on the strip and shit we ended up not even getting a room, me and Al bought some blacks cos no one had a pipe and damn we rolled some blunts and made up for the boring strip right there inthe parking lot, it was so fun, so we convinced tom to take us back to fontana cos las vegas was gonna still be booty as fuck that night, i ended up having to drive really faded, in fontana we chilled and ended up pracicing at carls' fun, that night we went to the fontana party it was really big and rad, then the cops came and we went to the glasstore more boooze flowed in and everything was right untill carl and tom wanted to leave so um oh yeah weh ad rented a hotel in fontana so we went to the hotel and i passed out but i heard there were like 20 people in there partying, damn so we woke up and sat around untill we finally went to LA cos we were gonna play we played, met some cool people, got wasted again, then all this confusion happened, tom was super angry at everyone, we got faded even more and we passed out laughing at really dumb things, this morning i left with Al and im here at sergios i have work later today and i feel all worn out like i went to the gym but it was only getting hammered and thrashing it up.

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[icon] this plane is definately crashing
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